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General Information

2024-2025 General Information *Updated*

Enrollment: April 3, 2024 @ 8:00am (enrollment is ONLINE)

Location: Helke
611 Randle Ave.
Vandalia, OH 45377

Session Times:
AM and PM offerings
Session times are TBD and will be confirmed in April/May 

Fees (if applicable*):
Tuition* - $150/month
Transportation* - $40/month
Materials - $50
Fees approved by the Board of Education 3.19.24



  • Enrollment is available for students residing within the Vandalia-Butler City School District limits.
  • Children must be 3+ years of age and toilet trained to be eligible for participation in the preschool program.
  • Questions regarding the preschool program can be directed to Preschool Supervisor, Shalyn Leighner. 


  • A quality experience for typical children and children with disabilities 
  • Small class sizes
  • Language-rich environment
  • Licensed qualified staff
  • Transportation available through Vandalia-Butler Transportation Department (Fee)
    • Transportation is available if the child attends the class session determined by residential location.
      • South of I70 = Eligible for transportation to the AM Preschool Session
      • North of I70 = Eligible for transportation to the PM Preschool Session


  • The Preschool Program is housed within FIRST LIGHT CHURCH
    • Preschool’s Physical Address is 140 Elva Court, Vandalia, OH 45377
    • Preschool’s Mailing Address is 500 S. Dixie Drive, Vandalia, OH 45377 
  • Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, all preschool classes will be located at HELKE
    • 611 Randler Avenue, Vandalia, OH 45377
  • Classes are held Monday through Thursday 
    • AM Session (9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)
    • PM Session (12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) 


2023-2024 Fees:

  • Tuition Fee:  $140 per month 
  • Transportation Fee:  $35 per month (if applicable)
  • Materials Fee:  $50 (one-time fee)

Fees can be paid using  EZpay. 


Beginning-of-the-Year Information

The state requires that each student have a change of clothes in the preschool classroom. This needs to be sent in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name printed clearly on the outside.  We suggest sending in a set of long pants with a short-sleeve shirt, as this combination is appropriate for any season. Please remember that backpacks should be reserved for school materials only.  We ask that you refrain from allowing your child to store toys and other personal items that are not necessary for school in their backpacks. 

The preschool is in constant need of the following supplies: facial tissues, baby wipes, paper plates, Ziploc bags, and paper towels. Any items you are able to contribute throughout the year are greatly appreciated.  

***PLEASE do not send supplies to school with your child on the first day of preschool.***

Parking Lot Reminders

PLEASE enter the parking lot from DIXIE DRIVE (near the Hangar).   Follow the traffic flow and parking instructions as indicated on the map. Once you have parked your vehicle, proceed to “Door #1”, which will serve as the entrance to our preschool location within First Light Church.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Routine

When dropping off OR picking up your child from preschool, please find a parking space within our designated parking area  (MAP LINK) and walk your child across the parking lot to wait under the awning at DOOR #1.  We have a hand-to-hand policy, which means you may release your child to one of his/her teachers once they open the doors during arrival and our teachers will release your child directly to you during dismissal.  Parents will not be permitted to enter the building during drop-off or pick-up times unless there is an approved reason to do so. 

There is no curbside drop-off or pick-up for family vehicles.